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About Us


What the Tabitha Foundation does?

The Tabitha foundation’s mission is to lift the spirit of underprivileged single mothers in poor countries by equipping and empowering them through educational, social, and economical development and support.

Impacting these women has an everlasting positive effect on their children, families, community, society and their country.  

Group of women enjoying a balanced meal at the end of the meeting

How we do it?

A group of 20-24 struggling single mothers from the same neighborhood meet twice a week in group meetings that includes teaching, discussions, assignments, fellowship and lunch – with childcare provided.  

A one-on-one life coach meets with each group member weekly for mentorship and follow up.  

Over the course of 2 years, the curriculum addresses many different aspects of their struggles and teaches them about their value, self-identity, hygiene, parenting, work skills, savings, and investing, providing them work opportunities along the way. In some cases, micro credit loans are considered.  

Your donations and ongoing support continue these efforts week after week. 


Why it matters?

To be content, humans need to believe they play an important role in the world and their circumstances do not limit them from making a positive difference. 

We coach and assist these single mothers through the curriculum and have already begun to see them gain confidence and skills giving them opportunities in their lives and in the lives of their children.


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